Business Update: Issue 15

Business Update: Issue 15

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Progressive Leader - Issue 20

Progressive leader - Issue 19

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Since 1994, the ANC-led government has worked tirelessly to transform the South African economy, through fundamental macroeconomic reforms, into a robust and vibrant economy characterised by good monetary and fiscal policy. The result has been a prolonged period of uninterrupted economic growth unprecedented in the history of the country.

The sound financial system created by the ANC-led government has also helped to protect South Africa from the worst of the global banking, housing and credit crisis and in a period when others are experiencing or projecting recession, South Africa is still poised for growth.

Effective communication between government and the business community has been a vital key to the economic successes we have achieved in the past. This has traditionally been conducted at the formal level through entities like Nedlac and with organised business groups.

Now in order to continue facilitating effective and VITAL communication between government and ALL sectors and sizes of business, the ANC would like to invite you to join our business group the Progressive Business Forum (PBF), formed in 2006 with the primary objective of creating an ongoing dialogue between the ANC and the business community.


Daryl Swanepoel