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Progressive leader - Issue 17

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Business Update - Issue 12

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Upcoming Events

When Where What
March 2018 Zimbabwe Trade delegation to Zimbabwe
April 2018 Johannesburg Construction Sector Summit
April 2018 Johannesburg Energy sector information session
May 2018 Guangzhou, China Construction sector delegation to Canton Fair
June 2018 Johannesburg Ministerial briefing
June 2018 Durban Ministerial briefing
June 2018 Cape Town Ministerial briefing
July 2018 Johannesburg Top-end event
July 2018 Chicago Rainbow Push Convention
July 2018 Johannesburg Information session; SMME offerings of the DTI and DSBD
August 2018 Johannesburg Womens Colloquium and Luncheon
August 2018 BRICS Colloquium and Dinner
11 September 2018 Johannesburg Skills Development and Training
13 September 2018 Durban Skills Development and Training
18 September 2018 Cape Town Skills Development and Training
October 2018 Johannesburg Ministerial briefing
October 2018 Durban Ministerial briefing
October 2018 Cape Town Ministerial briefing
October 2018 Dongguan & Zhongshan China-Maritime Silk Road Expo
November 2018 Johannesburg Top-end Dinner
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